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Find Peace in Uncertainty

The sun shines through the pond, with its light caressing me underwater. A breeze makes a current and sways my stalk. I'm a lotus, growing quietly away from lively scenes above the water. No one knows about my transformation down here, except for Mother Nature.

We are all lotus that repeats the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. Once our majestic flower dies, seeds fall into the water and settle into the bottom of the pond. After a long period of dormancy, a seed germinates and produces a tuber. A sprout emerges, grows in the water, and finally rises above the surface to bloom.

Before showing its magnificent beauty to the world, the lotus must pass through moving water: The first time is while a seed is falling into the mud, and the second is when the stalk grows toward the sun. Occasional winds create movements in the pond. They toss the seed and shake the stalk, but the lotus doesn't suffer. Since she understands nothing is predictable, she accepts jolts gracefully. She lets her seed tumble and her stalk sway in the water. She dances with uncertainty.

Like a lotus, we can make peace with uncertainty. When a life-altering event hits us, a big part of ourselves dies. The seed of our new life drops into the water of uncertainty. It tumbles with the current until settling deep into our hearts. In that tender place, our transformation begins.

A new life sprouts into the water that now embraces uncertainty and potential. We will bloom blissfully by opening up to both.

Can you remember that uncertainty is part of your journey? Are you willing to welcome uncertainty and discover the potential in it?

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” — Margaret Drabble


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