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Holistic Wellness

Achieving holistic health begins with developing awareness in the body, mind, and heart.

We are often too busy or distracted to notice subtle signs of physical disorder or emotional disturbance. By practicing mindfulness, we cultivate sensitivity towards our physical and emotional needs. We can hear the whispers of the body and heart.

I offer Holistic Wellness classes to help people stay healthy and energetic.

We suffer physically or emotionally (often both) when we are out of balance. Ayurveda, the wisdom of holistic wellness from ancient India, teaches us to stay in balance by understanding our dominant nature element and mindfully adjusting ourselves to the changing environment, season, and time. Yoga, Ayurveda's twin sister, also promotes health with conscious breathwork and movement.

I'm a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor and 500-hour Yoga Teacher. In addition to teaching Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation, I share the healing diets from Asian cultures that I have studied and experienced their benefits firsthand.



Discover your dominant nature element and balance it with diet and lifestyle modifications.



Learn about different meditation styles and practice seated meditation with vowel sounds and walking meditation.


Ayurvedic Yoga

Explore a yoga practice that suits your dominant nature element and harmonizes your body, mind, and heart.


Healing Ayurvedic Diet 

Modify your diet with the ingredients and cooking methods that harmonize your dominant nature element. Recipes included.

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Healing Japanese Diet 

Discover the healing power of the balanced whole-grain diet based on the centuries-old Japanese culinary tradition. Recipes included.


Balinese Herbal
Medicine (Jamu)

Learn about the ingredients and preparation methods of Jamu drinks and facial and body masks that you can make at your home.

Recipes included. 

I regularly attend Sari’s classes, and I'm impressed with the level of education that she provides. All of her students are special to her, and she explains her topics in a way that is easy to understand.  The education provided has been exemplary and professional. I highly recommend Sari's classes to all who want to improve their mind, body, and soul."  


- Linda Maloney

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Past Class Venues

Rasa-Lila Fest, Tampa, FL
Alive with Yoga, Sarasota, FL
Asian American Resource Center/City of Austin, TX
Namaste India, Tokyo, Japan
Anand Ashram, Bali, Indonesia
Biblioteca Publica, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

and more

Our Women's Meditation Circle of South Florida was started with 8 women in 2006 and has grown to over 500.  We take pride in the women chosen to lead these meditations. They must be well-versed in a spiritual discipline and be able to lead small or large gatherings, hold the space, and impart a sense of sacredness to the meditations.  Sari was chosen to lead the Women's Meditation Circle several times.  She uses her background in Asian practices to lead meditation that was always well attended. She sets sacred space, explains the guidance, then takes the attendees into deep spiritual space.  She skillfully explained mudras, taking the complex and making it simple and easy to understand. She is one of the best meditation leaders we've had in our 13 years."


- Jo Mooy, StarSounding, Sarasota, FL

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