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At-Home Retreat

Silent Retreat Guidance via Zoom

I will support you throughout your silent retreat at home or a retreat facility of your choice. 


Read the Silent Retreat Guide (included in the program) to learn the basics of silent retreat, including mental and physical preparation, retreat structure, and meal planning. The PDF guide also includes information on mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and mudra (symbolic hand gesture) that will support your self-exploration and well-being. You will meet with Sari virtually to ask any questions about the silent retreat. You are free to share the intention for your retreat in this half-hour Zoom session. Sari may suggest mindful or meditation practices that align with your intention.

During your retreat

You will stay alone and silent. Reach out to Sari if you are overwhelmed by emotions or need to work out what has happened during your retreat. She will take your call or set up a half-hour virtual meeting. This extra support creates a safety net for self-exploration. It gives a sense of security to those coping with life's challenges and feeling vulnerable to enter silence.

After closing your retreat

Review your retreat experience with Sari and define your new direction. Receive tips on how to ease back to your ordinary life and continue your self-exploration after the retreat.

What is included in this program

  • 30-minute Zoom sessions before and on the last day of the retreat.

  • 30-minute Zoom sessions during the retreat (optional). 

  • Unlimited email communication with Sari before and after the retreat.

  • Silent Retreat Guide: This PDF guide includes information on retreat preparation, structure, meal planning, and mindfulness/meditation/yoga/mudra practices.

I did a Zoom-based retreat with Surapsari and had a wonderful time. Sari was able to use her insight and experience to deepen my understanding of my time in silence. She has inspired me to take further steps on my spiritual path in 2021. Thank you!"

- Catlin Blau

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