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Retreat in the Texas Hill Country

Our 3-acre sanctuary offers a perfect place for your retreat.

You can book a cottage only or add private holistic wellness or mindful art classes.

Themed retreat packages are available to meet your needs for well-being.

The sanctuary is a 45-minute drive from Austin international airport.

Wuji House (Studio Cottage)​

- Kitchen with a gas stove, a refrigerator, cookware, and dishes.

- Bathroom with a tub and shower

- Linens and towels

- Outdoor shower with hot and cold water

- Yoga mat

- Front porch

- Bird feeder

Wuji house is the kind of place that fosters stillness and reflection. The minimal style of the house combined with the thoughtful placement of windows to bring in lots of natural light provided a soothing backdrop to my time there. The outdoor surroundings added a sweet connection with nature. There is no substitute for waking up to birdsong!" 

– Leanna


Delicious seclusion. Warm sun, gentle breezes across the porch. An outdoor shower with a timeless nap. A simple space thoughtfully appointed and precisely perfect for solitude, meditation, thoughtful contemplation, rest, recuperation. Humble thanks.”


– WC


I cannot express how amazing this little cabin was in soothing my soul after some difficult months/years with its simplicity, nature, and spirit. The quiet beauty of the space and land surrounding the cabin was a much-needed reprise. I enjoyed the visits of birds (saw TWO painted buntings together!), rabbits, and deer. If you're looking for a place of solitude to reflect and gain insight, this is the place for you!"  


- Sherry

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Our sanctuary is certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

Come and meet our animal friends, including colorful birds, deer, foxes, and rabbits.

Retreat Packages

Life Coaching Retreat

Holistic Wellness Retreat

Mindfulness Retreat

Healing Retreat

Silent Retreat

Add-on Classes

Mindfulness & Meditation 

Holistic Wellness

Mindful Art 

You are making a move in the direction of your highest good if you decide to sit with Sari. Right at our first meeting, her deep presence and peace were so inspiring that I jumped at the chance to work one on one and be in a silent retreat with her. My life has been a search for truth and connection. Being left to my own devices, I would take dead-end turns occasionally. Hallelujah, guidance arrived!


Right in the beginning, Sari explained to me clearly how we would work together, and her fee was very affordable. I felt totally cared for at all times. Her reminders to drop into the emptiness became a mantra throughout my 3-day retreat. I was profoundly moved several times during my retreat, and I now feel I am moving into my destiny. 


Thanks to Sari’s caring heart and full support, I completely trusted the process, which turned magical in the end. I am grateful for Sari and excited for my next steps and further sharing with her."

- Roxana Cheregi

Frequently Asked Questions

Are meals included in cottage rental?

We are currently not offering meals to our guests. You can bring your own food and cook in the fully equipped kitchen in your retreat cottage. Please ask us for recommendations for restaurants and grocery stores in our area.


I’m chemically sensitive. Do you use cleaning products with artificial fragrances?

We are chemical sensitive too! Our cleaning solutions, laundry and dish detergents, shampoo, conditioner, and soap are fragrance-free.


Do you offer WIFI?

WIFI is available at our retreat cottages. However, we suggest you unplug at our facility to rest and rejuvenate without distractions.


Your Hosts, Kim & Sari

We are life partners, meditators, and lovers of nature. We enjoy watching the sunrise together, cooking hearty meals, hiking in the woods, and feeding deer and foxes that come to our sanctuary.


To pursue the Taoist way of living in nature, Kim purchased land in the lush Texas Hill Country and built a retreat cottage to share the beauty of his place. We invite you to be our guest!

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