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Are you struggling with transition?

I'm here to help you.

My official title is Board Certified Coach (credentialed by the Center for Credentialing and Education). But for my clients, I'm a sherpa (mountain guide) who knows the valleys and hills of life transitions. I help people find where they are in their journeys, meet challenges with an adventurer's curiosity, and walk toward the life they love.

With my mindfulness-based guidance, you will ride through waves of emotions and handle uncertainty with more confidence and clarity.


It's time to find a life-rebuilding pathway and grow the seed of a new self so you can flourish again.

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Every transition is different yet has a common thread:

The challenge of coping with change and rebuilding a life and self-identity.

You know what it means if you lost your loved one, significant relationship, hard-earned career, or anything else you deeply loved. You suffer from painful emotions, face uncertainty, and lose clarity about your direction.

You may also feel stuck in a lifeless, joyless state and not know how to come out.

To feel better, you tried to


- stay busy and distract yourself.

- satisfy your emotional needs with short-term pleasure (sweets, wine, shopping - you name it).

- pretend that you are fine.


- avoid disturbing emotions such as anxiety and sadness.

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But you are still

- overwhelmed by strong emotions.

- feeling stuck.

-confused and don't know where to go from here.

- joyless and heavy-hearted.

You are not alone.
Staying busy, going after guilty pleasure, avoiding emotions—I did them all too!
gave me an escape—a temporary one.

My escape strategy did NOT work because it dealt with transition superficially without making an internal shift.

We can get unstuck and create the life we want only after experiencing fundamental changes in our identity, values, views, and mindset.

Your transition is an opportunity to birth a new YOU!

I have been sharing my strategy with those feeling stuck in transition.


My clients proved it WORKS. They now live with more clarity, peace, and joy.


They built the life they loved and became the person they wanted to be. 

You can get unstuck and create the life you treasure too.

Sari's Life Coaching Approach


Be present in the moment to connect with emotions and listen to inner wisdom.

To move forward, you need to connect with your emotions and deep desire. You will learn how to do this hard work safely.

Holistic Health

Improve physical and mental health to cultivate more joy, energy, and resilience.

We will work together to find exercise, diet, and lifestyle that enhance your well-being.  


Tap into your creativity to express your heart's whisper.

You will find creative activities that bring you joy, excitement, and a sense of achievement.


Step into nature to receive healing energy and inspiration.

By deepening your intimacy with nature,.you will feel nourished and balanced in your body, heart, and mind.


Explore and journal your changing values, needs, beliefs, and priorities.


I will guide you through a deep inquiry to discover what you want in your life and who you are becoming.

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When my long-term relationship ended, my life completely upended. Sari helped me navigate all of the changes I was going through and come up with a strategy for rebuilding my life. She gave me the support and tools I needed, and I was able to experience progress in my journey each week. Thanks to Sari, I work in a job that I love, and I am surrounded by loving friends today."

Anna Less

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