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Work with Sari

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Lotus Journey

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Work with Sari to find your footing after a life change and walk toward the future you envision.


Try a 60-minute coaching session to clarify the challenge in your current situation and find a path forward.


Explore your life at our sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country, your home, or a retreat facility of your choice.

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What Sari's Clients Say

"Sari helped me navigate all of the changes I was going through and come up with a strategy for rebuilding my life."

- Anna Less

"The work Sari does is amazing. It has helped me immensely in my life transition process."

- Matt G

"You are making a move in the direction of your highest good if you decide to sit with Sari."

- Roxana Cheregi

"Embarking on the journey of discovery with Sari helped me restore much needed clarity in the pursuit of my life’s calling.”

- Gasper Sopi

"I wanted to thank you for all your help. Every session guided me in the right direction and helped me get closer to finding my passion and life calling."

- Danica Salamenta

"Thank you for creating a nonjudgmental safe place and giving me hope. I will get through this and find a gift."


- Donna Carey

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It's overwhelming to meet challenges alone. 

I'm happy to help you navigate your journey.

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