Mindful Art

Japanese people have been practicing art for centuries to cultivate mindfulness.

I grew up in Japan, immersing myself in the Zen arts of calligraphy, Ikebana flower arrangement, and tea ceremony.


I created Mindful Art classes with inspiration from Asian cultures I'm familiar with.

I lived in Bali for 10 years and trained in yoga and meditation in India.

Enjoy Asian art and craft activities that cultivate peace and mindfulness.

I teach Mindful Art classes at our 3-acre sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country (USA) and public venues. 

(Zoom versions available)


Torn Paper Collage

Let go of your expectation and constantly renew your artistic vision while mindfully creating a collage with torn paper.


Balinese Offering

Learn about the Balinese view of harmony. Make a peace offering  with colorful paper flowers that symbolize sacred powers.

calligraphy class.jpg

Zen Calligraphy

Gain knowledge of the Japanese writing system and practice Japanese calligraphy with a brush and ink (or a pen in online classes). 

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Henna Designs

Practice drawing four basic henna designs and observe emerging feelings. Make a greeting card with your henna design. 

Zen Garden Craft Sample.JPG

Zen Garden

Learn about the philosophy and structure of the Zen garden and make a miniature version of it to take home.


Haiku Bookmark

​​Express the beauty of a season as a haiku poem and create a bookmark that features your haiku and matching image. 


Zen Origami

Listen to Zen tales that teach the importance of mindfulness. Make origami pieces that reflect the stories.


Wild Plant Ikebana

Learn about the philosophy and basic structure of Japanese floral arrangement art. Create a small Ikebana piece with wild plants and take it home.

mandala work.jpg

Mandala Collage

Attain a panoramic viewpoint into your life by observing your inner state and surrounding environment. Express them in the form of mandala collage art.

I have been going through a lot of things and working very hard to overcome "perfectionism." Your suggestion of letting go of the inner critic and seeing the images that show up as a part of me hit me on another level. I remembered your words and focused on each step of writing Japanese characters during my calligraphy practice. When I was done writing the same Zen words, again and again, I looked at them and observed the differences you had mentioned. I could tell how the writing came out when I was most anxious or most focused and calm. 


Thank you for sharing your skill, culture, and kind words today. I felt so relaxed after the session that I was able to take a nap afterward! I am considering doing this practice at least once a week and hope to learn more Zen words in time. I look forward to attending your future classes."

- Jennifer Martinez Washington (Zen Calligraphy class participant)

Japanese Calligraphy 1 Adobe.jpeg

Focus on each step of the art-making process

Arrive in a quiet place within

Time ceases to exist


The barrier between the inner and outer worlds dissolves


Stay in harmony

Past Class Venues


Asian American Resource Center, Austin, TX
Bee Cave Public Library, Bee Cave, TX
Wimberley Village Library, Wimberley, TX
Pflugerville Public Library, Pflugerville, TX
Selby Library, Sarasota, FL
Gulf Gate Library, Sarasota, FL
Mid County Regional Library, Port Charlotte, FL
South Shore Regional Library, Ruskin, FL

and more

Our hands-on Zen experience at Sari’s calligraphy workshop was meditative and satisfying, even for beginners. Every part of the workshop had fascinating meaning, and we were all engaged by practicing at our own pace.


- Kuniko Yamamoto, Origami Air Studio, Sarasota, FL

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