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Reduce Stress
with Mindfulness

6-Week Class to Help Reduce Stress 

Modern life is stressful, and many people are struggling to stay calm. Cultivating mindfulness (the conscious effort to focus on what is happening here and now) is the key to living with inner peace and harmony. This program teaches how to cultivate mindfulness through simple practices that can be done anytime, anywhere. Participants will try different mindfulness techniques and build a home practice to promote wellness. No experience with mindfulness practices is required. You can book this program as stand-alone sessions or a 3 to 6-session class series with a discount. 

Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness & Body Awareness

Session 2: STOP Practice 

Session 3: Seated Meditation

Session 4: Walking Meditation

Session 5: Turning Toward Practice

Session 6: Course Review & Building a Home Practice 

Image by Andy Art

What Participants Say

""This course was extremely meaningful to me. I am so appreciative for Sari's expertise and willingness to share. I have gained tools and motivation to incorporate in my life going forward. Thank you Sari for your kindness, dedication, and knowledge."

- Linda Gilmore

"I like how Sari has over 20 years of experience. She practices what she preaches and is passionate about it. She breaks the course down to make it simple and is positive with no judgments. She makes it very possible to do mindfulness gradually but for life."  

- Jody DeFalco

“I am so glad I took the time to attend this course. In just this short time, I have seen increased awareness, better focus, reduced stress, and more peace. I look forward to continuing the practices I have learned and sharing with my family.


- Meredith

"I can't say enough how encouraging Sari is: just try it. I love that she explains how there's no wrong or right. Just 3 minutes to start. I feel so lucky to have stumbled on this course. I will hold it close going forward."

- Pamela

"I'm less reactive when little things (or big things) go wrong. Calmer and better able to take any action needed. Improved relationships, too”


“The calmness of the energy the instructor brought to the course was amazing. At times, when my mind wandered, her voice and calm energy helped me ground myself. This is just the beginning of my journey, and the course helped a lot.”


- Kevin Groveas

"This course has gotten me in the habit of meditation and mindfulness every day as a practice. I have noticed improvements in being less reactive, more calm, and generally a happier person."

- Anonymous

“Reduce Stress with Mindfulness training was a perfect solution to my life at this time. Practice of mindfulness will become a part of my life. “


- Becky Heinsohn

“Thank you, Sari, for sharing your time and wisdom with us. I have learned the beautiful power of mindfulness through your example. Thank you for creating space and safety for us to learn together. I feel better health and awareness in my body and mind.”


- Anonymous

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