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Silent Retreat

The outpouring of news and information. Non-stopping social interaction. Multitasking. Go-get-it-now culture. 
Modern life challenges us to pause and be present.

Take a few days of being alone in silence to listen to your heart's whisper and observe your inner landscape.

I guide personal retreats at our sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country

(45 minutes from Austin international airport) and via Zoom.

I have been incorporating silent retreats into my mindful practice for 25 years.

Retreat in the
Texas Hill Country

Guided silent retreat at our 3-acre sanctuary


At-Home Retreat 

Guided silent retreat in the comfort of your home

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Even though I wanted to do a silent retreat for a long time, I was a little apprehensive. However, Sari and Kimbell immediately put me at ease. My daily schedule was well-organized, and the setting at the Wuji House was ideal. The retreat was nicely balanced between gentle Yoga, meditation, Qigong, and daily check-ins. But most of the time, I was left alone to explore the beautiful property, take some well-needed nap, read, and just be.

By the end of my three-day stay, I left with a deep inner-peace I had not experienced in a long time. The silence was much easier than I thought and was actually very soothing. I was amazed at how quickly the “incessant voices” quieted in my mind just by becoming a still and silent witness to everything around me.

I highly recommend this retreat/experience to anyone who would like to slow down and silently reconnect with themselves. For me, it resulted in personal growth and maturation."

- Adam