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Silent Retreat

The outpouring of news and information. Non-stopping social interaction. Multitasking. Go-get-it-now culture. 
Modern life challenges us to pause and be present.

Take a few days of being alone in silence to listen to your heart's whisper and observe your inner landscape.

I guide personal retreats at our sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country

(45 minutes from Austin international airport) and via Zoom.

I have been incorporating silent retreats into my mindful practice for 25 years.

Retreat in the
Texas Hill Country

Guided silent retreat at our 3-acre sanctuary


At-Home Retreat 

Guided silent retreat in the comfort of your home


Thank you so much for a lovely stay and (drum roll, please) my new beginning! The start of the quest to find the magic that will make my soul soar. Together we made significant strides, and I had many Aha moments. I look forward to one day not being so tired and feeling like I’m in the midst of a shit storm. I also look forward to a life that holds peace and joy. Thank you again for this beautiful space, your amazing self, and the safety for exploration.“

Marni Smith

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