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Silent Retreat

Various information coming from the internet and TV. Unsolicited opinions and suggestions from your family and friends.

Cultural norms that expect you to keep going and do multitasking.

Modern life distracts you from being mindful.  

Take a few days of being alone in silence to listen to your heart's whisper and observe your inner landscape.

I guide personal retreats at our sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country

(45 minutes from Austin international airport) and via Zoom.

I have been incorporating silent retreats into my mindful practice for 25 years.

Retreat in the
Texas Hill Country

Guided silent retreat at our 3-acre sanctuary


At-Home Retreat 

Guided silent retreat in the comfort of your home

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Even though I wanted to do a silent retreat for a long time, I was a little apprehensive. However, Sari and Kimbell immediately put me at ease. My daily schedule was well-organized, and the setting at the Wuji House was ideal. The retreat was nicely balanced between gentle Yoga, meditation, Qigong, and daily check-ins. But most of the time, I was left alone to explore the beautiful property, take some well-needed nap, read, and just be.

By the end of my three-day stay, I left with a deep inner-peace I had not experienced in a long time. The silence was much easier than I thought and was actually very soothing. I was amazed at how quickly the “incessant voices” quieted in my mind just by becoming a still and silent witness to everything around me.

I highly recommend this retreat/experience to anyone who would like to slow down and silently reconnect with themselves. For me, it resulted in personal growth and maturation."

- Adam