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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the conscious effort to focus on what is happening

at the moment, internally and externally.

It is about being fully present here and now. As you cultivate mindfulness, your life will become full and rich because your mind focuses on truth in the present moment instead of wandering the fantasy worlds of the past and future. You will see the beauty hidden under the surface and tune into peace more easily.

Transform your life through mindfulness

Mindful living will change you and your relationships with others.

You will become less swayed by the regret over the past or worry about the future. By accepting and fully experiencing whatever feeling that comes up at the moment, you will cultivate emotional strength and become more resilient. You will also see the true nature of your family, friends, and co-workers since you fully listen to them without judgment. Here are some other benefits of mindful living:       

Less stress, anxiety, negativity, and depression

More calm, peace, and joy

Better concentration, understanding, and decision-making

Gain clarity, insights, and perspectives

Increased productivity and energy

Improved mental and physical health

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Practice mindful living

You can practice mindfulness anywhere, anytime.

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Just observe and notice what is happening in your heart, mind, and body without attaching any story. When you catch yourself thinking about what you have noticed, just acknowledge your thought, drop it, and return to the observation mode. In the same way, observe and acknowledge whatever is happening around you without forming any opinions or reacting. When you interact with people, pay full attention to what they say without judgment.                  

Do one thing at a time (take a break from multitasking)

Focus your full attention

Fully experience your emotion

Let go of judgment and expectation

Mindful practice is ongoing work. Just like brushing your teeth every day, practice mindfulness every day. Be patient and gentle with yourself. It takes time to cultivate mindfulness.

If you stay with the practice, you will notice a change in how you feel about yourself and others.

There will be no way back once you begin fostering mindfulness.

You will have more clarity and won't want to return to how you used to be!

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