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Mask dance & theatre at North Port Library 2014 - 8 TAMI GARCIA_edited.jpg
Youth Programs
Rajapala at Manatee Central Library wide screen.jpg

Stories from Bali

This highly entertaining and educational program introduces children to Balinese mask dance-drama. Participating children will also try masks, fan dance, and monkey acapella chorus called Kecak in a fun atmosphere.  

45 minutes

Kagura at North Sarasota Library - Okame with Kid_edited.jpg

Stories from Japan

Meet a Japanese hero who fights two-horned goblins and a giant serpent! Audience members will be invited to play a role in a dance-drama based on the oldest Japanese myth. They will also sing a Japanese song, try origami, and learn about Japanese culture along the way. 

45 minutes


Shadow Puppet

Learn how Balinese artisans make shadow puppets. Create a shadow puppet and try it out with a screen and light. 


Learn about the Japanese writing system and practice writing Japanese characters with a brush and ink.


Try a collage art using beautifully printed Japanese paper that has been torn with fingers. Sign your name in Japanese characters.

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