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Plant Seeds of Joy

Yellow daisies, Indian blanket, prairie verbena, and buttercup. Rainbow-colored wildflowers popped up in our yard. Butterflies and bees rest on the flower petals momentarily and fly away. The sun blesses the flowers, and so does the gentle breeze.

My partner and I scattered the wildflower seed mix in our bird sanctuary area in the past fall. The seeds went dormant over the winter. They survived in the icy ground during the rare snowstorm in Central Texas. We noticed the sprouts in the early spring. May rain helped them grow stronger and taller.

Every seed contains the joy and miracle of life. It holds infinite possibilities within. It captures the whole universe. What lies inside is the only truth we can count on in a time of uncertainty. The natural order of birth, death, and rebirth is the only thing unchanged in the ever-changing world.

It is not that all the seeds we had scattered blossomed. Some seeds didn’t make it through the harsh winter storm. Some others didn’t respond to the arrival of the spring. Roaming deer and foxes tramped over some sprouts. Nature teaches us not all of our efforts bear fruits, but some do. We need to gracefully let go of our unfulfilled aspirations and nurture flourishing ones.

We must plant seeds of joy for the future, whatever challenge we are dealing with right now.

We need to plant as many as seeds possible because not all survive and thrive. We often get caught in the harshness of the present to cultivate a vision for the future. We might escape into the fantasy about the future and neglect to till the soil today.

If you are struggling to move forward, take care of the garden in your heart by weeding out negativity and planting seeds of joy. Plant everyday and trust some seeds will sprout and flourish at the right time. Maintain your faith. Spring will come, and so will summer. You will enjoy your blossoms and dance with butterflies and bees.

"We must keep planting seeds of joy for the future however we feel today." – Surapsari

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