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Navigating Internal Transition

A transition begins with a life change, but it could happen without any incident. A transition has an internal dimension that could occur anytime, regardless of what is going on externally. Every moment is an opportunity for transition and transformation. We can seize it only if we dare to descent into the depth of our being and listen to our inner wisdom.

Once I planted basil seeds in a pot. After days of watering the soil, seedlings appeared and started growing. They got taller and fuller as the days passed. I then began noticing that some seedlings were doing better than the others, and some of the seeds had never sprouted. I wondered what had made the difference. Why did some seeds respond well to water and light while some others didn’t?

We are like seeds, full of growth potential. Some of us respond to moment-by-moment opportunities for transition and transformation, while others don’t. We are also like leaves. The same wind blows to all of us, leaving some dancing with it and others staying static.

I spent the days around January 1st for meditation and quiet contemplation. As the fruit of the self-inquiry and guidance from my inner wisdom, new realization and themes for the new year emerged, which were quite different from what I had been contemplating throughout

December. Nothing happened externally over the turn of the year: no incidents, no drama. However, the idea that I had been holding dearly suddenly left me with the passing of the year. I now feel myself going through an internal transition as I function in my community in the same way I used to do.

How can I navigate my inner transition and keep transforming myself moment by moment, as the basil seedlings that grew in my kitchen?

Pause right where you are, my inner voice says. Feel your heart and trust your gut. Don’t be afraid of not heading for your destination. Not making an external move is sometimes needed to leap internally.

I follow my inner voice and take the time to nurture a new seed that is just sprouting inside of me. It is my secret treasure. No one knows what it is, including myself. I just keep watering it and sending light to it. In silence, with love.

Nothing happened to the basil seedlings while I was watching them closely. Once I left them and returned after a few days, I noticed them fuller and taller.

That’s what life does to us: a little magic every day.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu


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