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Intention Matters

I recently planned a 4-session outdoor class series, Mindful Walking and Yoga. I invited the community to practice walking meditation and Five Nature Elements Yoga© with me in our beloved park four consecutive Monday mornings. My class announcement received enthusiastic responses. I was thrilled. The pouring rain welcomed the first session. It was the first rain we had in months. I was disappointed. Although the covered pavilion was available for my class, starting the week with driving in the rain was not what people wanted to do. Why does it have to rain this morning? But it is what it is. Well, I have three more sessions to go. I encouraged myself to look forward to the following Monday. After the whole week of sunny days, it rained for the second session too. You've got to be kidding! My disappointment shifted to frustration: I have this beautiful service to offer, but the force greater than me doesn't support it. I stayed with my disappointment and frustration for the next few days. Then, a question came to me: Offering this 4-session class was my project goal. What was my intention for it, then? It was to inspire people to deepen intimacy with nature and receive her uplifting and healing energies at the beginning of the week. I thought about the enthusiastic comments I had received for my class announcement. "I want to join this group!" "This class sounds great!" "I would love to do the practice!" I realized I had already inspired some people and achieved my intention without teaching the class. It didn't rain for the third session, but the low temperature affected class attendance. I was happy nonetheless, leading yoga and walking meditation in the chilly air for a couple of participants. I laughed when I saw a thunderstorm forecasted for the last session time. Intention achieved! I smiled to myself while posting a session cancellation notice on Facebook.


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