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Everyday Calling

After walking through the forest, I sit on the ground and drink water. A breeze gently brushes my skin. I close my eyes to focus on the sensation. As my eyes are slowly open, they see some leaves on the shrub quivering with the breeze. I wonder what makes some leaves respond to the call of the wind while others don't.

We are like the leaves on the shrub. A breeze arrives to wake us up from our autopilot mode. It invites us to see familiar matters in the light, attain new values and lessons, and approach our lives differently. It is a calling, not with a capital C which suggests a life purpose but a gentle nudge for self-discovery.

A breeze comes to us equally and constantly. Some of us notice it, while others don't.

What makes us notice and respond?

The answer is awareness: we can cultivate it with daily practices of meditation and self-observation.

Learn to sit in silence and clarify your mind chatter. Allow your heart to express suppressed emotions and witness them leaving. Feel the sensation under your skin when gently moving your body. Observe your mind and body every day, even for five minutes. It is how you cultivate sensitivity so you can dance with the breeze.

Each breeze brings you a gift. You could open it or leave it untouched.

What's inside the gift box?

Find out when the next gentle breeze brushes your skin.


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