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Clarity First

Among the many wonderful qualities that I wish to possess, clarity is the one that I strive to


When I was going through the most challenging time of my life, I didn’t wish for a solution. Instead, I prayed for clarity. It came before my need for peace and joy. I could accept not being able to get out of the deep hole where I was stuck, as long as I could see where in the hole I was. The most unbearable thing for me was not knowing what I really wanted, where I was going and who I was. Clarity was what I desperately needed back then, and it still is the most important attribute for me.

Clarity is like a muscle. Anyone can develop it. “How can I cultivate clarity?” you might ask. My answer is simple: “Self-inquiry, meditation, and reflection.”

Keep asking yourself questions, even when answers are nowhere in sight. You ask yourself questions, not just for receiving answers that resolve your issues but also for gaining more clarity about where you are in your journey and who you are becoming.

There are times when you just ask questions, and there are other times when answers come to you.

You may ask yourself many questions:

Do I want to take this opportunity?

Which option should I choose?

Should I quit this or continue?

Each question contains a deeper core question:

What is my value that creates a need for this?

Why is this important for me?”

Digging into deeper core questions is the process of shedding outer layers of confusion, and it can be done only in silence. By shutting off outer noise and plunging into silence, you can finally listen to your inner voice.

It is the way you commune with your inner wisdom that whispers all the answers for your questions. Once you begin this process of inner feedback, one answer leads to the other, then to the other, making a decision and choosing a direction, forming a path toward your destination.

Once you begin gaining more clarity, you will have a sense of lightness and purity. You will feel

as if you are becoming translucent like air, leaving the place of murkiness and density. This

new energy and state will attract other people who are also lighter, purer, and clearer. And you

will know this place of clarity is the place where you want to stay and meet others.

Clarity will become your top priority and one of your most beloved values.

Gaining clarity doesn’t mean you will be free from life’s challenges and unknowns. You

will still have plenty of them, guaranteed! You will just be able to see more clearly where you

are stuck and what is keeping you in that place.

By practicing clarity, you can cultivate the inner core that does not get swayed by whatever happening in your internal and external worlds. It is the path to ultimate freedom.


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