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Create Your Vision 
for the New Year
New Year, New Vision

6:30—8:30 pm, Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Unity of Sarasota

Express your wishes for the new year as a vision board

Identify the first few actions to manifest your vision

Receive supportive energy from fellow life travelers

Let's begin the new year by creating a vision and planning action to achieve it

in a safe and supportive group environment!

What you will do in this group

  • You will identify your top values and create a vision for the new year that aligns with them.

  • You will try guided visualization to embody your vision and make a vision board that expresses it.


  • You will list the first few actions that help you move closer to your vision. 

  • You will sit in a circle with other participants to embrace all the visions and send supportive energy to each other.


What to bring

  • Visuals that you want to include in your vision board if you have any (we will provide magazines, design printouts, glue sticks, poster board, scissors, and color markers).

  • Love donation in cash ($15-25 suggested). It will help us cover the supply cost and contribution to the Unity of Sarasota.

  • Your wishes for the new year and love for yourself and others.



Sari Fujimaru is a Board Certified Life Coach (the certification granted by the Center for Credentialing and Education). She is also a mindfulness and meditation teacher with 15 years of experience. She offers private and group coaching and teaches mindfulness and meditation online, at public venues, and at her private retreat facility in the Texas Hill Country.

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