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Nature Connection

Nature Will Show You the Way

Step out into nature when you are lost, hurt, or helpless.

Look at trees, listen to birds, and feel the gentle breeze caressing your skin.

Mother Nature will nurture you, show you different perspectives, and point a new direction you can take.

Mindful Walking

Walk in silence and tune into your senses (e.g., feeling the ground under your feet, listening to insects, and watching the leaves moving with the air). When you find yourself thinking, acknowledge it without judgment and bring your attention back to your senses. Witness the ever-changing beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. What messages is she giving you? 

Hike Your Life Path

Hiking trails are like life paths. Some parts of them are steep inclines, while others are gradual descents. Some go through meadows, and others lead to barrens. They receive full sun and stretch into shadow.


Hiking gives you the opportunity to reflect on your path and gain new perspectives. Stay in the present and constantly switch between the focus and panoramic view modes to take in all scenery. A new realization will surface when you become one with nature.  

Pause & Rest

The Japanese word for rest (yasumi) is written with the character 休. It consists of two parts, 人 (the symbol for a human) and 木 (the symbol for a tree). 休 shows a person pausing by a tree.

Many of us live in the non-stopping mode. Pausing and resting in nature is deeply nourishing, nurturing, and healing. Incorporate a rest in nature into your daily routine. Even 5 minutes of lying down on the ground or sitting on the lawn chair will restore your energy and lift your mood.


Read Sari's article, Hiking My Life Path and learn how to practice mindfulness during nature walking, hiking, or rest.

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