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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Workshop for Employees & Team Leaders

Mindful training for your organization to reduce stress, improve productivity and communication, raise awareness, and create a more positive work environment.

Mindfulness is a scientifically proved stress reduction tool. It has been used in medical settings for five decades to help patients cope with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other stress-related conditions. Nowadays, many organizations and corporations incorporate mindfulness training into their employee development programs to reduce workplace stress and enhance team productivity. Employees who are more productive and less stress-prone reach higher achievement and contribute to a healthy organizational culture.


Benefits of mindfulness in the workplace

  • Reduce stress created by heavy workloads, deadlines, long work hours, and workplace conflict.

  • Increase mental focus and clarity.


  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving skills and promote critical thinking.

  • Raise awareness of changing thoughts and emotions and take conscious action instead of reacting.

  • Develop a skill to deal with changes and boost emotional resilience.

  • Better understand co-workers, cultivate more empathy, and reduce interpersonal conflict.

  • Foster a panoramic perspective and positive mindset.

  • Promote creativity and innovation.

  • Build an organizational culture that values wellness, respect, support, and peace.

I offer workplace mindfulness classes, workshops, and retreats on-site, off-site, and via Zoom. I can tailor my programs to the needs of your organization.

Mindfulness Programs

  • 1 1/2- hour workshops on  mindfulness and short meditation practices

  • 45 – 90 minute classes over 4 - 8 weeks

  • Half-day or all-day retreats

  • Leadership programs

  • Private guidance sessions

  • Custom-designed programs for your organization

Topics Covered

  • What is mindfulness? - paying attention to what is happening inside and outside oneself in the present moment without judgment.

  • Benefits of mindfulness - stress reduction, better focus, effective communication, improved decision-making, positive mindset, healthy work environment. 

  • Mindful practices - relaxation exercises, breath work, seated and walking meditation, gentle yoga.

  • Tips for practicing mindfulness in the workplace..

Megumi ("Sari") Fujimaru has been promoting mindfulness for 15 years internationally through workshops, retreats, and private guidance. She was a guest meditation teacher at the Anand Ashram in Bali. 


Her experience working in multicultural cooperations and municipal organizations fostered a deep understanding of work-related stress. She applied mindful techniques to herself and shared them with her co-workers while performing demanding job tasks.

Sari was the Education Specialist at the Asian American Resource Center (AARC), the City of Austin. She has led the Mindfulness in the Workplace workshop since 2020. 

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