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Mindful Life Coaching



Sari (name transparent)

I can help you cope with life change and inner conflict and grow into a more joyful, peaceful, loving, and content person.

I'm a Board Certified Coach (credentialed by the Center for Credentialing and Education). My mindfulness-based life coaching will guide you to move forward and create a future where you shine.

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Sari's Life Coaching Approach


Be present at the moment to connect with emotions and listen to inner wisdom.

You can overcome your challenges only after getting in touch with your painful emotions. I will show you how you can do this hard work safely.

Holistic Health

Improve physical and mental health to cultivate more joy, energy, and resilience.

We will work together to find exercise, diet, and lifestyle that enhance your well-being.  


Tap into your creativity to express your heart's whisper.

I will introduce you to relaxing and creative hands-on activities that help you process your emotions and thoughts.


Step into nature to receive healing energy and inspiration.

You will feel nourished and balanced in your body, heart, and mind when you deepen your intimacy with nature.


Explore and journal your changing values, needs, beliefs, and priorities.


I will guide you through a deep inquiry to discover who you are becoming.

Are you struggling with change, feeling lost, or longing for a new path?

Your pain, confusion, lack of satisfaction, and fear are the signs that you have already begun your transformation journey.

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Grow Like a Lotus

You could gracefully cope with the challenge of transformation like a lotus. It germinates in the heavy mud, grows in the moving water, and emerges from it as a majestic flower. In the same way, you can begin your transformation in a time of emotional struggle, grow through the uncertain time, and flourish into the person you want to be!

Here is the Lotus Transformation Journey you can take.

Lotus Transformation 

Dying Flower

As a once-magnificent lotus flower eventually sheds its petals, the life you knew has gone. Joy and happiness that were once yours have left you. A big part of yourself has died. The loss of your old life evokes deep sadness and other strong emotions. 

Falling and Drifting

Lotus seeds fall into the water and drift with the current. In the same way, you free-fall into the unknown and float with uncertainty and confusion. Your old self has gone, but there is no sign of a new one. Your mind floats back (nostalgia or regret) and forth (hope or anxiety about the future).

Sinking into the Mud

A lotus seed lands in the mud and patiently waits for germination. You feel like sinking into heavy emotions such as sadness, loneliness, frustration, regret, and unhappiness. Many people take the escape strategy (eating, drinking, shopping, radome dating, binge video watching, overworking, etc.) to avoid painful feelings. But self-transformation will occur only to those who patiently stay in the mud of heavy emotions and gain new realizations from that experience. 

Image by Al Soot


After a period of dormancy, the lotus seed cracks open, and a sprout appears. In this stage, you feel an internal shift and a pleasant sense of a new beginning. You now see possibilities and start having discoveries. You glimpse a lay of light in the darkness.

Growing in the Murky Water

The sprout becomes a stalk and grows in the water. The current pushes it around, but it stands tall and strong. Here, you face uncertainty again. This time, it attacks your confidence in the new path or direction you have chosen. Bright possibilities and opportunities are around you as the sun shines through the water and nourishes the lotus stalk. But you will hardly notice the blessings if you are caught in self-doubt and anxiety about the uncertain future. Birth of a new you will not happen overnight. The time of exploration, setback, confusion, reflection, and growth is necessary for you to bloom. 


Finally, the lotus emerges out of the water. It spreads leaves above the surface, and a tight bud opens to full bloom. You are flowering into a new beginning too. It might be something tangible (a new career, relationship, home, place to live, lifestyle, etc.) or acquired qualities (more loving, compassionate, fulfilling, appreciative, etc.). It's the time to celebrate the new chapter of your life. Let your heart dance with joy!

Nothing in nature follows a straight line. Going up, down, and zigzagging is the natural pattern of transformation. Challenges such as grieving for your old life, anxiety about the unknown future, and heavy emotions can present in each phase of your transformation journey. You may experience some of them even after blooming into the new chapter of your life. When you feel like regressing, you are actually becoming stronger,  wiser, and more whole: you ascend in a spiral path. You just need to see it and know how to cope with the challenges of transformation.


Trust nature's way. Believe in your innate resilience and wisdom.

True joy and peace await you in your journey.

National Flower

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Learn how to cope with the challenges in  each phase of Lotus Transformation.

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What Sari's Clients Say

"Sari helped me navigate all of the changes I was going through and come up with a strategy for rebuilding my life."

- Anna Less

"The work Sari does is amazing. It has helped me immensely in my life transition process."

- Matt G

"You are making a move in the direction of your highest good if you decide to sit with Sari."

- Roxana Cheregi

"Your presence, attention, environment - everything, has been extremely helpful to me on many levels. Thank you for sharing your gifts and guidance with the world Surapsari, and for all the work you've done to become who you are now."

- Mike Otten

"I wanted to thank you for all your help. Every session guided me in the right direction and helped me get closer to finding my passion and life calling."

- Danica Salamenta

"Thank you for creating a nonjudgmental safe place and giving me hope. I will get through this and find a gift."


- Donna Carey

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You don't have to overcome your challenges alone. 

I'm here to support you throughout your journey.

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