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Manifest Your Vision
What do you truly want in your life?

What would you do if the current of life is not flowing towards your vision?

I will help you discover what you truly want in your life and attain it without resisting the flow of life.


It is the way of manifesting your vision in harmony with natural order by constantly adjusting your short-term goals and achieving personal growth along the way. Throughout this course, you will practice how to stay in the present while working toward the future. Only the present has the power to fully open up yourself to infinite possibilities in the future. 


You can take this guidance course via Zoom or at my sanctuary in Driftwood, TX.


What is included in this course?

                                Visioning & Manifesting Guide

                                The PDF booklet will guide you through the process of reviewing your past and current life, clarifying your values, visioning,                                                 and constantly adjusting your vision to better align yourself with the flow of life. You will receive the guide by email one chapter at a

                                time. To proceed to the next chapter, you must submit your homework (inquiry and reflection) to me at the end of each chapter.


                                Guidance sessions

                                 I will review your homework at the end of each chapter and offer individually tailored guidance throughout the course.                                 

Expected Outcome

                                 Learn how to arrive in the place of silence so that you can listen to your inner voice.

                                Gain a clearer vision for your life and create steps to advance toward your vision.

                                Become more flexible in dealing with the changes in your circumstances and plans.

                                Gain a fresh perspective of your life journey and a sense of ease.


Not sure if this guidance course is right for you? Let's discuss it!





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