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Life Guidance

Know who you are.
Create your future with that understanding

Sari offers guidance to those who want to find a  path forward. Her work is based on the Whole Person Coaching®, mindfulness practice, and 15 years of experience contributing to others' holistic wellness. Sari is a Certified Professional Coach and offers guidance service at her sanctuary in the Texas Hill Country (45 minutes from Austin International Airport) and via Zoom.


 Manifest Your Vision

Gain clarity about your current situation. Create a vision for the future and manifest it without

resisting the flow of life.


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Find Your Calling

Find your vocation, whether it is an income-producing career or voluntary service. Explore who you truly are and discover your gift.


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Navigate Transition

The passing of a loved one, divorce, job loss. Transform your difficult transition into an opportunity for creating a more fulfilling life.


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Marni Smith

Thank you so much for a lovely stay and (…drum roll, please…) my new beginning! The start of the quest to find the magic that will make my soul soar. Together we made significant strides, and I’ve had many “Aha moments”. I look forward to one day not being so tired and feeling like I’m in the midst of a shit storm. I also look forward to the life that holds peace and joy. Thank you again for this beautiful space, your amazing selves and the safety for exploration.“

Sari's Approach

A therapist will take you to your past to find the root causes of your issues. A life coach will help your create a vision for your future and achieve it. As a transformation guide, I will show you first how you can stay in the present through mindful practices. Being here now is the first step toward self-discovery and creating the life you desire.                        

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Holistic Wellness

You can hear the voice of your inner wisdom more clearly if you cultivate awareness in your body, mind, and heart. I incorporate gentle yoga and movement, mindful art, Ayurveda, Zen, and Taoist approach into my guidance work.

Deep Inquiry 

Our challenges may be different, but all lead to finding an authentic self. Through proven exercises and constructive dialogues, I will help you ask yourself deep questions such as “What do I really want?” and “Who am I becoming?” 

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Gasper Sopi

Embarking on the journey of discovery with Sari helped me restore much needed clarity in the pursuit of my life’s calling.”

Donna Carey

"Thank you for creating a nonjudgmental safe place and giving me hope. I will get through this and find a gift."

Matt G

Sari helped me understand the various stages of the transition process in a safe, loving and nonjudgmental environment. I was able to recognize my own journey as we discussed each stage of the process. This was helpful on many levels, knowing that what I experienced was "normal."

Danica Salamenta

Thank you, Sari, for all you have done for us. Your sessions definitely guided me in the right direction and helped me a lot."

I wanted to thank you for all your help. Every session guided me in the right direction and helped me get closer to finding my passion and life calling."

The work Sari does is amazing. It has helped me immensely in my life transition process."

Hannah Bellaff

Sanaz Sabeti

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