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Find Your Calling

You were born with a special gift, a unique combination of talents and passion for certain topics and activities.

By sharing your gift with others through your work, you will contribute to their wellness, and it will nurture yourself too. 

This course will benefit you if you...

                 want to change your career or return to work after parenting, care giving, illness, or other circumstances.

                 are retired and want to find the best way to serve your community.

                 are a student and searching for a fulfilling career.

                 want to find fulfillment in your work. 


What is included in this course?

                One 90-minute guidance session and three 60-minute sessions at Sari's sanctuary in Driftwood, TX or via Zoom.

                PDF booklet, Find Your Calling and handouts.

                Unlimited email/text communication with Sari during the course.


Expected Outcome

                Discovery of your C-A-L-L-I-N-G (Core values, Ability, Love, Learn, Integrity, Nurture, Gift).

                A clearer understanding of who you are and what bring you joy.

                Action plan for moving towards your vocation.


Not sure if this guidance course is right for you? Let's discuss it!

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